U.S. Formula First Championship Rules

The 2018 Hoosier Tire Formula First Championship Series Rules and Regulations


This document governs all 2013 FFDA Series Events in conjunction with:

  • The 2013 SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR)
  • The host Region round/event supplementary regulations
  • For Technical Specs and Rules, refer to the SCCA FST Rules (www.scca.org)

1. Glossary:


Definitions of commonly used terms in the document:

FFDA: Formula First Drivers Association, organization hosting the championship series.

Championship: Annual Formula First racing series for FFDA registered member only.

Host Region (or sanction): SCCA Region (or other sanctioning body) hosting round(s) of the Championship series.

SCCA: Sports Car Club of America, typical sanctioning body for most championship rounds.

GCR: Rules and codes of operation at SCCA events (annual issue).

Round(s): race meeting in which registered FFDA members may score points towards the annual championship. Round(s) can also be termed “event”.

Supplemental Regulations: Issued by the host region per each round/event as guidelines specific to each round/event. These include race schedule details.

Championship Committee: persons responsible for organizing and executing the championship series

2. Championship Eligibility


2.1 Driver must hold a valid competition license (SCCA Regional, National, Novice Log Book or accepted license of the host sanction as detailed in the event supplemental regulations)

2.2 Driver must be a registered member of the FFDA. Drivers not registered are allowed to race championship events, but will not be awarded championship points.

2.2.1 Registration Information: https://formulafirst.org

2.3 Cars must comply with all applicable SCCA GCR and FFDA contingency regulations.

2.4 Cars must use the FFDA spec Hoosier R60A tires on all (4) wheels unless race officials declare the round/event a rain race.

3. Championship Committee


3.1 Made up of three FFDA BOD members

3.1.1 FFDA Series Chairman: Robert Guhde

3 .1.2 FFDA Series Scrutineer: Jim Schings

3.1.3 FFDA Series Points Keeper: Rob Clark

4. Championship Schedule


New Schedule

5. Typical Round /Event Configuration


5.3 Testing: No restrictions, typically hosted by each track on the Friday prior to the championship round(s). Not an official FFDA championship function

5.4 Practice/Qualifying: All round(s) will have at least 1 qualifying session prior to each round(s). In some cases, a separate practice session will take place prior to qualifying.

5.4.1 Multiple Qualifying Sessions: In the case of multiple qualifying sessions, the

FFDA reserves the option to select a single session as the official qualifying session for that round.

5.5 Typical Weekend Double Race Format: (1) qualifying session and (1) points race held on Saturday, (1) qualifying session and (1) points race held on Sunday. Qualification races do not count for points.

5.6 Races: Length or time of races will be detailed in the event supplemental regulations or may be changed at the event by race officials (non-FFDA controlled)

5.7 Racing conduct and procedures: Will be completely controlled and executed by host region or sanction.

5.8 Timing: All official timekeeping will be performed and controlled by host region (or sanction). Many tracks will have live timing available.

5.8.1 All competitors are responsible to have fully functional AMB transponders.

6. Penalties, Protests and Appeals:


6.1 All penalties, protests and appeals other than those specifically listed herein this document are the responsibility of the host region (or sanction) are not protestable through the FFDA.

6.1.1 Results from all penalties, protests and appeals conducted by host region (or sanction) are considered official by the FFDA Championship Committee.

6.2 Penalties may be imposed at the discretion of the FFDA Championship Committee based on the resulting penalties imposed by the host region (or sanction). This may include loss of points and ejection from the series.

6.3 Protests and appeals specifically citing items listed herein must be received in writing (or email) and directed to the FFDA Championship Committee.

6.3.1 All protests and appeals received will be expedited as quickly as possible based on the circumstances involved

7. Championship Points Schedule:


7.1 Points shall be calculated based on the following:

(1) Point for round (event) entry

(1) Point for fastest qualifier

(1) Point for fastest lap during a championship round

(12) Points for 1st place

(9) Points for 2nd place

(7) Points for 3rd place

(6) Points for 4th place

(5) Points for 5th place

(4) Points for 6th place

(3) Points for 7th place

(2) Points for 8th place

(1) Point for 9th place

7.2 Points will be awarded to the best 8 of the 12 series races.

7.3 Only current members of the FFDA can score points in FFDA championship events.

7.4 Point score eligibility is contingent on the car/driver finishing a round on the specified Hoosier R60A tires. The only alternative is in the event of a “rain race”. In such cases, the car/driver must finish on Hoosier rain tires. The official determination of a “rain race” can be made by event race officials and/or FFDA Championship committee members. Intermediate tires of any type or brand are non compliant and not allowed.

7.5 Points are awarded to race finishers only. Any car which is classified as DNF by the race organizers cannot earn race finish points.

7.6 In the case of a tie for the championship winner, a series of “tie breakers” will be applied in levels.

7.6.1 Tie Breaker Levels: Level 1 – Most races entered, Level 2 – Most race wins, Level 3 – most second place finishes, Level 4 – most third place finishes, Level 5 – most fourth place finishes

7.6.2 Final Tie Breaker Clause: If all 5 Levels of tie breakers are applied and the result is still a tie, the two competitors will be given the choice of dueling pistols or nude jello wrestling (best 3 out of 5 pins) in the paddock area, immediately after the conclusion of the final round of racing at Mid-Ohio. The FFDA BOD will not hear protests or appeals if the final tie breaker clause is invoked.

8. Event and Series Trophies:


8.1 A traveling series trophy is presented annually by the FFDA to the driver achieving the highest point total in the FFDA races. Additionally, a “Rookie of the Year” award shall be selected by the FFDA BOD based on seasonal performance of new drivers entered in the series. Other trophies may be presented at the discretion of series and/or sponsors.

8.2 Event trophies are presented by the event host region per the event supplemental regulations.

9. Contingency Information


9.1 Hoosier Tire contingency: For each Championship round, 1st and 2nd place finishers will be awarded one free tire. At the end of the season the driver entering/competing in FFDA championship races with the lowest point score will be eligible for the “hard luck” award which is a full set of (4) Hoosier tires for Formula First. The “hard luck” winner will be determined by the FFDA Championship committee members.

9.1.1 Hoosier Tire registration link: http://www.hoosiertire.com/cont.htm

9.2 SRacing

9.3 Averill Racing Stuff

9.4 Campbell Motorsport

9.5 PNP Computer

9.6 Trackside Tim

10. Series Specific Technical Rules and Regulations


10.1 General: The FFDA Board of Directors can vote to waive rules listed under 9.1.1.H (Formula First) in the GCR in the event of preventing hardship due to supplier changes in manufacturing specifications. The vote shall be a majority vote. The FFDA board is obligated to communicate the permanent need for rules changes to the SCCA CRB.

10.1.1 Non Compliant Parts Issue for 2013: The FFDA BOD has witnessed a weight reduction in replacement connecting rods. Mostly due to new forging dies. The current rule listed in the GCR is 560 grams. New connecting rods are being supplied with their weight right at 560 grams. For 2013, the FFDA will allow a minimum connecting rod weight of 555 grams at FFDA series races. Additionally, the FFDA will be notifying the SCCA CRB of this finding and requesting a rule change for 2014.

10.2 Mufflers: At race tracks where mufflers are mandated, mufflers will be added to the exhaust system, but the additional OA length the mufflers create will not count toward the vehicle OA length measurement.